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This circuit we initiate with the gathering of the tourists of its hotels to visit the following attractive Archaeological and
Religious places:
The Cathedral. - Colonial religious Monument of extraordinary artistic value,
with its fabulous paintings and works “bread of gold”, wood carved and covered with worked silver.
Temple of Koricancha. - “Temple of the Sun” its perfect architecture and the construction of stone reflects the fact that was the most important temple of the Inca empire.

Sacsayhuaman. - This construction is attributed to the Incas of the last dynasties; it is located to 3 km of Cusco, in the high part. According to the announcers, it was a solar portable altar; this temple was constructed with great limestone stone blocks to protect the city from the attacks of the invaders of the east or Antis. Sacsayhuaman (in quechua) is formed for three great terraces superposed in zigzag form and bordered by enormous rock walls.

Qenqo. - Located to 1 kilometer from Sacsayhuaman, it was a ceremonial center since a giant monolith, of an animal is possibly appraised in the central part, that it was the main deity, where offerings were placed. In the inferior part, are other hornacinas and an altar that was used to perhaps embalm bodies or for sacrifices dedicated to their Gods.
PucaPucara. - Old inn, sentry post throughout the Inca ways.
Its construction is of rustic type conformed by side streets, houses, and patios.
Tambomachay. - It is located to 9 km of the city, known as the baths of the Inca by the form of their water sources, it also could be a temple dedicated to the cult of the water and purification for Inca. It has three platforms where offerings were placed.

Duration of the excursion: 4 hours.
Frequency: Every day for the afternoons
Hour of Beginning: 13:30 hrs.

  • Tourist bus
  • Official guide
  • Entrance fee.

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