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Location and Land Area:
The Republic of Peru is an Andean State located in the central and western South America between the 81 º 19 '35 "and 68 º 30' 11" west longitude and from 0 ° 01'48 "18 ° 21'05" south latitude. The total land area is 1,285,215 km ².

Bordered on the north by Ecuador, in a 1,529 km border with Colombia, 1.506 km long border at south by Chile, in an area of 169 KM long. border on the east by Brazil, in an area of 2.822 km, and Bolivia, in an area of 1,047 km border, and west coasts are bathed by the Pacific Ocean in an area of 3.080 km

The Peruvian territory is divided into three geographically distinct environments:
La Costa, the coastal strip from 80 to 150 km. wide.
La Sierra, which is the Andean plateau area.
The forest sector is a vast sparsely populated Amazon today.
The Peruvian Andes extend from the border with Chile and Bolivia to the south to the border with Ecuador in the north. Examines the following areas:

Highest mountain: Nevado del Huscaran (6.768 m) located in the Department of Ancash.

Peru, its geographical location carries a varied climate. This feature is affected by the presence of the Andes mountain range crossing it longitudinally, which adds to the Peruvian Current, the South Pacific anticyclone, resulting in a diverse climate it is determined that the coast (banks Pacific Ocean and western foothills of the Andes) has a low rainfall
In the high Andes mountains and the climate is varied, local characteristics depend on the terrain, temperatures depend on the altitude and rainfall varies and is characterized by a dry cold climate.
In the jungle, hot and humid, with heavy rainfall during the rainy season

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