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This necropolis of Pre-Inca, is located in a small mesetapeninsular Umayo in Laguna, a distance of 34km. Northwest of Puno.
Sillustani was considered a sacred place for more than three thousand years, where there are remnants of pottery and Inca constructions. Here Pukara culture developed since 1.500 years BC Later came the Tiwanaku influence.
It is from the year 1200 AD. establishing Qolla culture and you can see thousands of graves of all types and sizes according to rank in society had Qolla while he was alive.

Later. This tour begins with the gathering of tourists from their hotels to go in transport for about 45 minutes to reach the necropolis of Sillustani. Arrival and ascend to the top of the peninsula where they are located chullpas through a gentle way and visit. We will return the original access to the site, consisting of 78 stone steps, which we are too weary to make them rise. We try at all times not to strain too much of our visitors, however you should be prepared for a walk at least 30 minutes.
Besides the visit to this enigmatic place, we will take the visitor some native housing modules, thereby establishing a direct contact between tourists and residents as well as camels or Waru warus, Andean agricultural technology (pre-Inca). Also seen in the way grazing llamas and alpacas.

Duration of tour: 03 hours.
Frequency: Every day in the afternoon.
Starting time. 14:00 hrs.
Includes: Tourist transport, bilingual guide, entrance to the archaeological complex.

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